Types of holidays & brands you can book

Offer all the holidays you can think of

You’ll have the ability to send families to Disney, to book a couple on a cruise to the Caribbean, formula one trips for a stag do, book a school club on a competition trip or even send people on their honeymoon to the Maldives.

You’ll be able to work with a range of holiday spends, providing both holiday packages and tailor-made trips to meet a variety of requests.

  • With around 12 million travel options at any one time
  • There are over 400 main tour operators available to you
  • You’ll have access to trade only travel businesses and suppliers
  • Sell car hire, travel insurance, tickets… all to become a one stop shop

Famous travel brands to work with

You aren’t limited to just one brand. For example, if you worked in a Kuoni store you’d have to prioritise those holidays.

The beauty of being independent is that you can sell thousands of operator’s products. This includes the big brands you’d expect as well as specialist travel industry brands you don’t know yet.  

These are just some of the thousands of brands you’ll have access to.

Add that personal touch customers want

This is not about pressing some buttons and getting the customer a deal.

The customer could do that themselves. 

You’ll be a Personal Travel Consultant – delivering your customer recommendations based on their likes & dislikes, combined with your knowledge of the industry.

You’ll find out all about the ongoing training, daily coaching and mentorship we provide in this tour.

We’ll give you direct access to the trade so that you can get the best supplier offers for the customer and then take it back to them with a tailored quote.

Here’s an example:

  • A customer wants to go to Las Vegas
  • They’ve got a quote for ÂŁ2,500 from somewhere else
  • You’ll know (from your ongoing training) which suppliers are best for that destination
  • You can go onto their trade only site and get the best price
  • Or you can speak to the supplier and get them to come back to you with the best offer.

When you have complicated trips to book, suppliers will do a lot of the work for you if you ask them.

There's no need to worry about prices

Your prices will be very competitive.

Why because with over 450 travel suppliers you can search and compare holidays from different providers and because we also work closely with over 45 Key Trade Suppliers you will have access to exclusive deals. 

That means that eight times out of 10 you’ll be able to match or beat prices from elsewhere.But no one can be the cheapest all the time (and it’s not what makes the best travel consultants).

On the rare occasion you can’t price match immediately, often our suppliers will do their best to help you bring the price down. And, if you wanted to, you can also discount from your commission to ensure you get a customer for life rather than loose a booking.

On the rare occasions you can’t price match immediately, often the suppliers will do their best to help you bring the price down.

If you wanted to, you’d also be able to discount from your commission and keep the customer’s booking. This strategy would help you get the customer for life, rather than seeing them as a one-time booking & profit.

Why would people buy from me?

There are loads of reasons. That’s why 1,000’s of customers book holidays with our franchisees every year.

  1. You’ll save them time… they don’t have to spend hours and hours searching online comparing and wondering what is the best holiday for their needs
  2. You’ll be able to provide the best options with access to over 2000 travel brands
  3. You’ll make their life easier, planning A-Z from the parking to attraction tickets, flights and everything in between to ensure a stress-free trip
  4. You’ll listen to their needs and create tailor made experiences not accessible online (did you know 60% of holidays are not accessible online?)
  5. You’ll have the ability to specialise in a destination or type of holiday. We have franchisees who only specialise in trips to Florida which makes them the go to place for many people
  6. You can offer them a direct debit option for paying their holiday which makes things easier for them than paying upfront

And that’s just the beginning…

It’s up to you to personalise the experience and make it memorable so your customer never contemplates going anywhere else.

Not Just Travel consultant David Walker says it’s all in the small touches. Last Christmas he delivered gifts on the doorsteps of his customers as a thank you for their loyalty.


  • You’ll be an independent travel consultant
  • You’ll get access to the widest choice of holiday and travel types
  • You’ll be part of a business with the best buying power for great prices
  • You’ll benefit from full ABTA and ATOL protection
  • You’ll get to know the travel trade and suppliers
  • You’ll get the best travel training you can ask for on a daily basis

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