Everything you need to start up included

You get everything you need to sell travel

Having holidays to sell is no good without ways to sell them. We give you all the tools and technology you need to have an instant travel agency.

You'll get a Personal Marketing Website

This is your home on the internet. A place where customers can find you and learn all about your business as a travel consultant.

It comes with great blogs. You can write your own and get the ones that our expert travel writers create for you. It has pre-populated offers and lets customers sign-up for updates.

Your Personal Marketing Website is a great way to promote yourself. You can give out the address to everyone you meet and it’s search engine friendly.

Learn more about the website in the tour video above.

You can also watch a live run through of the website with co-founder Steve Witt below.

You'll get travel agent software called iSell

iSell allows you to make and manage all of your bookings for your customers. It powers billions of pounds in travel bookings every year.

You get fully trained on the iSell system in your initial week with us. After that there are also videos available online as well as a downloadable operations manual. 

This system is web-based. That means you don’t need a powerful laptop to run it and there’s no software to download. 

The system itself becomes easy to understand as soon as you start to use it. Your training will get you comfortable and knowledgeable with doing everything you need to be able to. Plus, the training team and your Partnership Manager are always available to help.

We’ve found that even consultants who don’t think of themselves as technical find the system easy to learn once they get shown what to do.

You get lead capture pages for specific destinations

When customers already know what they want, you can position yourself as the expert in that destination. The beauty of lead-capture pages is that you can have multiple specialities at once. There are new pages added frequently. 

The Elite package and above get a starter package of them included free.

You'll have access to a fantastic visual quote builder

The quote builder integrates with hundreds of suppliers to pre-fill contents for tours and cruises. It’s a great way to really bring future holidays to life.

You can even suggest extras to clients such as local restaurants and attractions. Each proposal incorporates your name and picture, with quotes able to be sent to the client on mobile as a link, a pdf attachment or can be presented on an app for iPhone and Android.

Will customers just book online with me?

No absolutely not. We are not an online travel agency and you won’t be either.

You’ll be a Personal Travel Consultant. It’s about knowing people and what they want (or want to avoid). Not about random strangers online who come and book.

This site is great for your customers who want to quickly come and do their own research – and maybe make a booking if they want to.

One of our consultants made over £2.2m in sales (the equivalent of a mid-size high street travel agency) and didn’t need to do any online bookings.

You can have specific cruise search functionality

You’ll also get access to an optional Cruise module. This lets customers browse all the cruises you can offer before they get in touch with you.

You get access to our bespoke business management software: Vision

Exclusive to Not Just Travel, this tool has been created to streamline your business and put the customer experience at the fingertips of every travel consultant.

Because it’s our own software, it’s been built from the ground up with your needs in mind. It also gives head office a better indication of how we can better serve and support you. What’s more, it’s been built by travel people, for travel people.

No other product or solution was right. It’s so much more than a customer database. This tool will help your business run quicker, easier and more efficiently.

You can be part of our lively Facebook communities

Once you finish training, you immediately get access to our groups such as the ‘Grow Your Business’ community. This is where you can ask questions or celebrate wins together as peers.

Click or tap the below images to see just some of the comments in one thread in the group.

You get access to the company Hub

The Hub is somewhere you can come everyday. It gives you all the information you need to run your business at your fingertips.

You can easily navigate around the site to find information on events, training and operations. It’s also where you can find quick links to absolutely everything you need.

Take a quick tour of The Hub with co-founder Steve Witt in the video below.

Do I need to be technical?

No, you really don’t. Everything is cloud-based (meaning there’s nothing to download) and simple to use once you know how.

We give you complete training and ongoing support. You’ll also have your Partnership Manager and Head Office to assist with any queries.


*Additional costs may apply depending on your package choice.

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